Your Local Legends

We caught up with Jacqueline from Whats a Name Embroidery!


Q) What is the first thing you will do when lockdown ends?
Taming the eyebrows at Brows Threading - Moonee Ponds.

Q) What does your ideal weekend look like? 
My ideal weekend would be going on a road trip and exploring somewhere new.

Q) What are you grateful for during these challenging times?
I am most grateful for the wonderful people around me, the warm spring weather and my puppy.

Q) If you had a superpower, what would it be?
The ability to teleport so I could travel the world (and of course to skip the morning traffic).

Q) What’s your best tip for our community in lockdown?

Enjoy the little things. Things we may have forgotten about like old hobbies or simply going outside to enjoy the sunshine.


Support the team at Whats a Name Embroidery by purchasing a gift for your friend or have it delivered via their website. Click & Collect available during lockdown. 
Whats a Name Embroidery located opposite The Coffee Club in the Kmart Mall.