Your Local Legends

Introducing Theo, the owner of Moonee Ponds Poultry. 


Q) What do you love most about your job or business. 
I take pride in my work. And I'll take pride in the fact that I supply fresh chicken to families.

Q) How has COVID and lockdown changed your business in the long term
Not really not, but demand did go up for a while as people were upping their cooking skills.

Q) What message would you like to send to other businesses struggling to navigate the complexities of lockdowns.
First and foremost patients, safety and just do the right thing, and we will all get through it together.

Q) If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be any three people to dinner. 
Dad, my wife and Jesus. 

Q) What is the first thing you'll do when locked down ends? 
Take my family out to dinner. 

Q) How can customer support your business?
They just keep doing what they're doing, they're doing a great job so far in supporting their local businesses.

Q) What does your ideal weekend look like? 
Just to be with my friends, family, workmates... you know, I just want to be out of lockdown.

Q) Can you share a recipe or something that may be great for a dinner option?

We have a whole range of bbq goods, including gluten free options and game meat too. Come and talk to us, we're happy to recommend the perfect way to cook and serve them.


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Moonee Ponds Poultry is located in the Coles Mall next to De Maria's Fruit & Veg.