Trick or Treat at Home

Trick or Treat, it's your choice!



Have a Treat hunt in the house or backyard by creating a memorable experience for the kids this Halloween. Organise a hunt with your kids favourite treats!


1. Pack Halloween bags with your kids favourite lollies and tricks too! (TIP: attach glow sticks so they are visible in dark nooks)

2. Hide the bags in safe places including the back yard, cupboards and draws. 

3. Kids scavenger hunt to find the treat bags! To make it easier to to find, create a map with hints such as "Find this treat creeping under the staircase".




- Make sure the hiding locations are safe away from sharp objects and tight locations. 

- Hiding locations should be eye level or lower so kids can kind them easily. 

- Don't forget to find all of the unfound bags at the end of the day so critters don't get into them!