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Ground Level, Puckle Mall
Orquestra is your destination for fashion and travel accessories. Whether you are looking for the finest Italian leather handbag and wallet or are travelling and need great luggage and travel bags, Orquestra has it all! We stock a wide range of 4-wheel, super light cases with a variety of sizes, styles and colours to choose from! Orquestra travel far and wide to find unique, quality products, all at affordable prices. Our huge range is sure to satisfy the most discerning of buyers. Orquestra stocks the casual bag for everyday, to something more elegant for evening.We haven’t forgotten that work and travel is just another excuse to mix fashion with form. Our vision is to bring the love of shopping to life through our passionate, highly qualified staff and inspiring brands such as Pierre Cardin, Morrissey and Milleni. Nothing short of a wonderful experience!
Qrquestra Trading Hours
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