Noni B
Level 1, Kmart Mall
NONI B is one of Australia's most respected fashion retailers. Founded in 1977 the group now operate over 200 stores across Australia. The company NONI B Pty Ltd was first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in May 2000. Noni B's vision is to be the best fashion retailer in Australia for our customers. Noni B's business is all about people. They are passionate about providing every customer with a great fashion shopping experience that excels in style, quality, service and value. Customer service above all else. Noni B do whatever it takes to create the best fashion experience for customers. NONI B has two brands in store - NONI B and Liz Jordan - and offers stylish, contemporary clothes for all occasions.
Noni B Trading Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 4:45PM
9:00AM - 4:45PM
12:00pm - 3:45pm