Beats On Pointe
2nd March 2019
The Clocktower Centre

Coming to The Clocktower Centre

Beats On Pointe - An Electric Fusion of Street Dance and Ballet

Featuring an incredibly talented cast of dance athletes, this tightly choreographed show anchors a dynamic modern story of two opposing dance worlds and is peppered with captivating dance theatre, freestyle acts, live singing and moments of well-timed comedy, all to the beat of an amazingly uplifting soundtrack!
After a sold out world tour in 2018 Beats On Pointe are back for another tour; starting their 2019 year with a bang from Australia.
Produced by Masters of Choreography, Beats on Pointe fuses electrifying street dance and classical ballet to create the perfect entertainment for audiences of all ages.  
Get your tickets now - This show will sell out!! 
''The show itself is an action-packed roller coaster of old and new school street dance, classical and contemporary ballet, physical comedy, beat boxing and even some singing! To call this a 'dance show' is to sell it short - this piece is a theatrical extravaganza''
“With high energy, innovative choreography this show lets the audience see a different side to what we typically call ‘hip-hop’ and ‘ballet’. It truly mixes the dance styles and with it creates a fun-fuelled, family friendly show that will inspire even the harshest dance critic.” (